ASUU STRIKE: UNIJOS lecturers vote for continuation of strike

ASUU STRIKE: UNIJOS lecturers vote for
continuation of strike.
Lecturers at the University
of Jos have voted for
continuation of the on-
going strike by the
Academic Staff Union of
University (ASUU) in the
Chairman of the chapter,
Dr. David Jankam who
made this known on
Monday while speaking
with THE NATION shortly
after the congress of the
chapter said members did
not see any substance in
the dialogue with the
federal government to
warrant calling off the
According to Dr Jankam, “We have just rounded off
our meeting, as a matter
of fact our members voted
overwhelmingly for the
continuation of the state
“I can also confirm to you that five of the eight
universities that made up
the Bauchi Zone of ASUU
has also voted for
continuation of the strike,
and the general saying is
that the federal
government has not
shown any commitment
so far.
“We started the meeting by briefing our members
on issues resolved with
the federal government in
their last meeting with the
president of ASUU.
“But in responding to the briefing, our members
observed that the main
issues that led to the
strike were not discussed
as part of the meeting in
Aso Rock.
“As such my members said president Jonathan is
taking them for a ride by
trying to divert attention
from the core subjects of
the strike”
According to Dr. Jankam, “I will now convey the
resolve of our branch to
our national president in
our NEC meeting
scheduled for this week. If
the majority of the
chapter voted for call off,
it will ne called off, but if
majority of chapters voted
for continuation, so be it”
said Dr. Jankam. –



ASUU strike: Schools resume November 18

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DONE DEAL! President Jonathan shares handshake, smile with ASUU delegation

Yes! Pack your bags!

A source close to top guns in the Academic Staff Union Of Universities (ASUU) has said that the lecturers will ditch their four month old strike this weekend so students could resume on November 18 (next Monday).

The source said there was no way the union could reject the new offer of N220bn a year tabled by President Goodluck Jonathan during a marathon meeting with ASUU last week Tuesday.

ASUU had come out of that meeting to tell Nigerians it needed time to deliberate on the new deal and reach a consensus among it members before talking to the press.

A top official of the union,  has however said the government could not be trusted even on the new offer, and that ASUU’s members were divided over the government’s offer. He, however raised a beam of hope by saying the majority still decided to give  the government the benefit of the doubt.

As ASUU executives meet this Wednesday, if the fate of the strike is down to a vote among the striking lecturers, as suggested by ASUU chairman, Nasir Fagge, the four month old impasse may surely end this week.

ASUU went on strike July 1 over the non-implementation of a 2009 agreement it had with the government with a key component of the memorandum of understanding the allocation of 26% of Nigeria’s total budget to education.

Although the government is planning to allocate just 9% of the 2014 budget to education, ASUU now seems set to end the strike after government offers that would surely boost lecturers’ take home pay and improve varsity infrastructure


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ASUU 123 days strike analysis

Now that there seems to appear in sight the end of the
123 days ASUU strike, let’s go into some reasonable &
seasoned analysis.
At first ASUU: “We can only go back to classroom, if
(and only if) FG fulfill 2009 agreement”.
To second that, FG said: “any offer above the N130bn
earlier offered will cripple the economy”.
Status of the matter: FG offered over N200bn per year
(for the next 4 years), about N1.1tr. And of course
ASUU agreed to take the offer home to members
(which we know they are already deliberating on
Here are our questions:
1. If FG knew they could offer this much, why have they
left our students at home for 4 months??
2. If ASUU knew they will ever accept anything less
than 2009 agreement, why have they punished us like
they did??
3. If first meeting between ASUU & Jonathan could
bring solution to the impasse, where was he all these
while until Nov. 4??
4. Now that more than N130bn has been offered, are
we expecting economic lock-down soon??
5. Obviously we know the standard of living of our
Lecturers will improve (needless to ask). But what are
the assurances (from ASUU) that after collecting this
much, the standard of education will change as they
6. And who is on the loosing end if not the students???
Take your time and express yourself below in
comment, then share with your friends to add their
views. Comment like a Student!


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You’re busy, but a satisfying snooze is worth it.

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According to the National Sleep Foundation, the average adult should get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Anything less than that means your physical and mental performance will suffer.  An illness can even develop because your body won’t have the time to repair its damages. The less you sleep…

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