ASUU 123 days strike analysis

Now that there seems to appear in sight the end of the
123 days ASUU strike, let’s go into some reasonable &
seasoned analysis.
At first ASUU: “We can only go back to classroom, if
(and only if) FG fulfill 2009 agreement”.
To second that, FG said: “any offer above the N130bn
earlier offered will cripple the economy”.
Status of the matter: FG offered over N200bn per year
(for the next 4 years), about N1.1tr. And of course
ASUU agreed to take the offer home to members
(which we know they are already deliberating on
Here are our questions:
1. If FG knew they could offer this much, why have they
left our students at home for 4 months??
2. If ASUU knew they will ever accept anything less
than 2009 agreement, why have they punished us like
they did??
3. If first meeting between ASUU & Jonathan could
bring solution to the impasse, where was he all these
while until Nov. 4??
4. Now that more than N130bn has been offered, are
we expecting economic lock-down soon??
5. Obviously we know the standard of living of our
Lecturers will improve (needless to ask). But what are
the assurances (from ASUU) that after collecting this
much, the standard of education will change as they
6. And who is on the loosing end if not the students???
Take your time and express yourself below in
comment, then share with your friends to add their
views. Comment like a Student!



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