differences btw OBAMA n mrs OBUAH

NAME: Barack Obama.
OFFICE: President of the United States

ENEMIES: Al Qaeda, Hamas; Army of Islam;Ku
Klux Klan; Red Brigade; Abu Sayyaf;
Republican Party; U.S. War veterans; Al Badr;
Baader Meinhoff; Orange Volunteers;
Hezbollah; Islamic Jihad; IRA; Revolutionary
Armed Forces of Columbia; November 17
Organization; Mohammedan Army; Ansar
Dine; Taliban; Tamil Tigers Movement; Ulster
Movement; Libyan L.F.G; North-Korea, Palestine Liberation, etc..,
Front; Al Shabaab.
OFFICIAL CAR: 2009 Cadillac DTS Limo a.k.a
“The Beast”
QUANTITY : 1 car
PRICE: $300,000 ( N47 million).

NAME: Stella Oduah, Miss.
OFFICE: Minister of Aviation, Nigeria

ENEMIES: Ex-husband, Femi Fani-Kayode,
Village witches, Dana Airlines,
OFFICIAL CAR: 2008 BulleT Proof BMW 760iL
HSS a.k.a “BMW Annoyance”
PRICE: $1.6million (N255million)
Una see say some people go already don get specially selected demon room-mate for them in Hell, Haba! Don’t get it all mixed up though, the so-called probing committee & the entire political folks/public office holders/ministerial appointment selects etc all got their own ghosts too. But well, na person wey him pikin die peole dey gather for him house to say sorry…

Koko of the story: what is our country becoming?

@saintyacs / 228E7B5E


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