PROUD 2 be an IBBULite

Am proud to be an Ibbulite!
Do you know?
¤¤2010—- Yusuf Jikantoro came the 2nd runner up in all Nigerian Universities Mathematics Competition—— 2011–Ajayi Adekola Alex also came the 1st Runner up in Computer Programming Language through out the Nation and 2012—– Usman Vulegbo Aliyu and his crew also made the institution proud in Mass Communication among others.

¤¤2012—- Comrade Mohammed A. Mohammed (the pioneer SUG president of Ibbul and also the 1st NANS-JCC Chairman of Niger Axis) was officially pronounced as the Special Assistant to the Niger State Governor on Students Affair Matters.
¤¤¤ 2012—– Christiana Odeh won the Most beautiful Girl in Niger State and represented the State in the Most beautiful Girl in Nigeria beauty pageant. The same young beautiful and passionate lady also became the Most beautiful Girl in Benue State and Participated in this year most beautiful Girl in Nigeria at Bayelsa State.

¤¤¤ and now we seek for your full support and vote to keep one of the Student of IBBUL going in the Destiny Child Talent Hunt.
Jibril Adewunmi Olaoluwa Popularly known as “AFRICANA”(IBBUL Most talented artistes 2010) needs our Vote.
Kindly Text “DC OLAOLUWA” to 33810 to keep him in the house.
GOD BLESS you!!as you Vote for him on Destiny Child Talent HuntO:) multiple vote is allowed Plz ReBc
Long Live IBBUL!

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Adenuga To Chair Peter Okoye and Tania Omotayo Wedding

For multibillionaire telecoms magnate, it is a busy year indeed. Adenuga, who has built his empire through hardwork and relentless marketing, sure knows a thing or two about pushing the envelope.

Having pioneered the trend of using popular entertainment icons as brand ambassadors, he has decided to extend beyond business frontiers and have a personal relationship with them.

This was evident with the recent declaration that he may be the chairman of the forthcoming wedding between Peter Okoye and Tania Omotayo.

A pleasant surprise this has been to stakeholders in the entertainment industry.

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ASUU Jamb Question

if u can solve it, U are a genius
ASUU 301 (4 Credit Unit) 1st CA TEST
Time Allowed: 30sec.
Instruction: Answer all question.
Date:10th jan. 2014.

Question: Below is the emperical
formular for calculating duration
of graduation in Nigerian Universities;
Graduation years = 5 + x +y
x is duration of strike, and
y is number of spill-over.
Now that the limit of x is infinity, as
y approaches zero integrate the
value of graduating year,
assuming carry over to be zero.

If you need extra sheet, raise up ur hand

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