Johovah, my biggest Daddy, my God dat opened d womb of a barren woman ‘Hannah’, surely He can do more dan ‘Rihanna’ =D, my God is the lord of all TRIBE yet He has no TRIBAL MARKs, I call Him the great master over Dbanj d koko master :p, yet He is never a slave master =D, Jehovah, power dat rules more territory than jaru, He dat brought mi out from PIT and branded me like brad pitt, now I can shakara even better than shakira =D, in His will He created the goldsmith, why den do u compare Him with willsmith :(, in His own image He created adam and eve dat is to say He is more good looking dan genevive 8-|, because even omotola, queen latiffat, jennifer lopez, agbani darego and every other beautiful star to him they bow their heads:), as the bright and morning star can’t U see how He beautify my innocent face with sweetness and freshness\=D/, meaning there is goodness in fullness 4 those that trust Him and seek His face, because this Jehovah am praising with my rhymes deserve more rhythm dan busta rhymes:x

@saintyacs / 228E7B5E


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