Registrations and auditions in progress (y)•• IPANs National conference-November 2013,Abuja , MNT 2013-December, Lagos…..

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There will be an award Night coming up Nov30th-Dec1st, in Minna. Category of awards are

GENERAL(English, Nupe and Gwari)
Best Director
Best Screenwriter
Best Editor
Best Director of Photography

Best Actor
Best Actress

Best Actor
Best Actress

Best actor
Best Actress

Other Awards are:
Best DJ
Best MC
Best Music Video
Best performing Artist
Best Sound Producer
Best Dance Group
Best Traditional Troupe
Best Graphics
Best Rap Artist
Best Comedian

These Awards rely on your nominations; nominees shall be posted on the wall of a facebook page(Mellinnium Academy Award) where your votes will determine the winners. Vote wisely!

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