ASUU STRIKE: UNIJOS lecturers vote for continuation of strike

ASUU STRIKE: UNIJOS lecturers vote for
continuation of strike.
Lecturers at the University
of Jos have voted for
continuation of the on-
going strike by the
Academic Staff Union of
University (ASUU) in the
Chairman of the chapter,
Dr. David Jankam who
made this known on
Monday while speaking
with THE NATION shortly
after the congress of the
chapter said members did
not see any substance in
the dialogue with the
federal government to
warrant calling off the
According to Dr Jankam, “We have just rounded off
our meeting, as a matter
of fact our members voted
overwhelmingly for the
continuation of the state
“I can also confirm to you that five of the eight
universities that made up
the Bauchi Zone of ASUU
has also voted for
continuation of the strike,
and the general saying is
that the federal
government has not
shown any commitment
so far.
“We started the meeting by briefing our members
on issues resolved with
the federal government in
their last meeting with the
president of ASUU.
“But in responding to the briefing, our members
observed that the main
issues that led to the
strike were not discussed
as part of the meeting in
Aso Rock.
“As such my members said president Jonathan is
taking them for a ride by
trying to divert attention
from the core subjects of
the strike”
According to Dr. Jankam, “I will now convey the
resolve of our branch to
our national president in
our NEC meeting
scheduled for this week. If
the majority of the
chapter voted for call off,
it will ne called off, but if
majority of chapters voted
for continuation, so be it”
said Dr. Jankam. –



ASUU strike: Schools resume November 18

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DONE DEAL! President Jonathan shares handshake, smile with ASUU delegation

Yes! Pack your bags!

A source close to top guns in the Academic Staff Union Of Universities (ASUU) has said that the lecturers will ditch their four month old strike this weekend so students could resume on November 18 (next Monday).

The source said there was no way the union could reject the new offer of N220bn a year tabled by President Goodluck Jonathan during a marathon meeting with ASUU last week Tuesday.

ASUU had come out of that meeting to tell Nigerians it needed time to deliberate on the new deal and reach a consensus among it members before talking to the press.

A top official of the union,  has however said the government could not be trusted even on the new offer, and that ASUU’s members were divided over the government’s offer. He, however raised a beam of hope by saying the majority still decided to give  the government the benefit of the doubt.

As ASUU executives meet this Wednesday, if the fate of the strike is down to a vote among the striking lecturers, as suggested by ASUU chairman, Nasir Fagge, the four month old impasse may surely end this week.

ASUU went on strike July 1 over the non-implementation of a 2009 agreement it had with the government with a key component of the memorandum of understanding the allocation of 26% of Nigeria’s total budget to education.

Although the government is planning to allocate just 9% of the 2014 budget to education, ASUU now seems set to end the strike after government offers that would surely boost lecturers’ take home pay and improve varsity infrastructure


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Nollywood looses another star

The Yoruba movie industry has continued to mourn following the death of one of its actresses, Falilat Okerede Oketay.

This is coming few days after it lost two others, including a 32-year-old Jane Atayero-Oluseye, and veteran actor, Pa Ola Ogungbe.

Falilat who was a member of the Association of Theatre Arts Practitioner of Nigeria, ANTP, in Ogun State reportedly died on Tuesday at her residence in Sagamu, Ogun State.

According to report, she died after a brief illness.

She is survived by two children, an aged father and siblings.

She was described by ANTP in Ogun State as a versatile, energetic and confident actress.


A single talent is not a ticket to success in life

A single talent is not a ticket to success in life. It must be utilized. It must be nurtured and used on a daily basis.

Give yourself a moment to appreciate what you’ve achieved, but no more. When the time comes to move forward, success is but a single point on a much longer journey – it is not the end of that journey.

Imagine a company like Apple stopping after the iPod or Henry Ford deciding the Model T was good enough. Where would be today without people constantly striving to improve upon what they’ve already achieved?

2 – Learn from Failure and Find Things to Improve

If success is a marker on your journey, failure is the map.

When we fail, we discover something important about ourselves. We discover how to persevere, how to get better, and what does NOT work. We discover which paths to avoid and it fine tunes our approach.

Revel in failure and learn from it at every step. The most successful entrepreneurs in history are remembered for their triumphs but will tell you only of their failures and how they learned from them.

Recognize the potential in those moments and use them to propel yourself forward.

3 – Visualize the Positive You’ll Discover in the Next Step

When the next step is unsure, imagine what it COULD be.

Imagine the successes you can have and how you will use those to get closer to your goal. Imagine the knowledge you will gain, even if you fail to achieve the results you are striving for.

Whatever you do, visualize yourself doing something. It might feel like you’re looking out over a cliff, unsure of what’s beyond the clouds but know that whatever you find beyond those clouds is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

The Path to Success

Every path is different and those who enjoy and learn from the steps in their personal path to success will thrive.

Be the one who finds joy in even the hardest moments and you will never dread what comes next on the arduous journey you’ve set yourself on…



Wande Coal departs Mavin Record 2 startup his Black Diamond Record

With deep regret with officially announce The Departure Of Wande Coal From Mavin Records –Mavin Records Management

After much speculation about the conflict between talented singer, Wande Coal and super-producer, Don Jazzy, details have finally emerged, albeit from the MAVIN camp on the reasons behind the bitter split. The crack between the two parties was apparently opens wider after Wande Coal’s release of a track ‘BabyFace’ which Don Jazzy alleged was a stolen effort going ahead to make public his version of the same song. This elicited a response from the former MAVIN artiste, Wande Coal who accused Don Jazzy of not supporting his ambition and wishing for his failure. Wande Coal had pitched tent with Don Jazzy after the bitter split between latter and co-founder of the now defunct Mo’Hits music label, D’banj.

Read the full MAVIN statement below:

“It is with deep regret that we officially announce the departure of recording artist Wande Ojosipe, popularly known as Wande Coal, from Mavin Records due to irreconcilable differences.

Over the past few months, Mavin Records has made a concerted move to consolidate its position in the Nigerian music industry. Mavin has pursued a renewed ethos to raise its standards of quality and professionalism to a world-class level. Wande’s vision has not aligned with ours and a few months ago all parties mutually agreed that a separation would be the best course of action.

Legal parties on both sides have spent the past six months trying to reach an amicable solution in terms of musical property rights. However the decision by Wande Coal to release ‘Baby Face’ purportedly as his own material is a direct breach of intellectual property law and compelled an immediate clarification on our part.

Both Mavin Records and Wande Coal have enjoyed a remarkable run in the course of their working relationship. It is unfortunate that conflicting priorities contributed to the premature curtailment of a hitherto fruitful accord.

Mavin Records reaffirms its goal to constantly provide high quality music to our fans and introduce new and exciting talent into the industry.

We wish Wande Coal the best of luck in all his future endeavours.


ASUU 123 days strike analysis

Now that there seems to appear in sight the end of the
123 days ASUU strike, let’s go into some reasonable &
seasoned analysis.
At first ASUU: “We can only go back to classroom, if
(and only if) FG fulfill 2009 agreement”.
To second that, FG said: “any offer above the N130bn
earlier offered will cripple the economy”.
Status of the matter: FG offered over N200bn per year
(for the next 4 years), about N1.1tr. And of course
ASUU agreed to take the offer home to members
(which we know they are already deliberating on
Here are our questions:
1. If FG knew they could offer this much, why have they
left our students at home for 4 months??
2. If ASUU knew they will ever accept anything less
than 2009 agreement, why have they punished us like
they did??
3. If first meeting between ASUU & Jonathan could
bring solution to the impasse, where was he all these
while until Nov. 4??
4. Now that more than N130bn has been offered, are
we expecting economic lock-down soon??
5. Obviously we know the standard of living of our
Lecturers will improve (needless to ask). But what are
the assurances (from ASUU) that after collecting this
much, the standard of education will change as they
6. And who is on the loosing end if not the students???
Take your time and express yourself below in
comment, then share with your friends to add their
views. Comment like a Student!


How to heal from a broken relationship

Bess Myerson once wrote that “to fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply awful.” Especially if you are the one who wanted the relationship to last.
Mending a broken heart is never easy. There is no quick way to stop your heart from hurting so much.
To stop loving isn’t an option. Author Henri Nouwen writes, “When those you love deeply reject you, leave you, or die, your heart will be broken. But that should not hold you back from loving deeply. The pain that comes from deep love makes your love ever more fruitful.”
But how do we get beyond the pain? Here are 10 tips I’ve gathered from experts and from conversations with friends on how they patched up their heart and tried, ever so gradually, to move on.

1. Go through it, not around it.
I realize the most difficult task for a person with a broken heart is to stand still and feel the crack. But that is exactly what she must do. Because no shortcut is without its share of obstructions. Here’s a simple fact: You have to grieve in order to move on. During the 18 months of my severe depression, my therapist repeated almost every visit: “Go through it. Not around it.” Because if I went around some of the issues that were tearing me apart inside, then I would bump into them somewhere down the line, just like being caught in the center of a traffic circle. By going through the intense pain, I eventually surfaced as a stronger person ready to tackle problems head on. Soon the pain lost its stronghold over me.

2. Detach and revel in your independence again.
Attempting to fill the void yourself — without rushing to a new relationship or trying desperately to win your lover back — is essentially what detaching is all about. The Buddha taught that attachment that leads to suffering. So the most direct path to happiness and peace is detachment. In his book, Eastern Wisdom for Western Minds, Victor M. Parachin tells a wonderful story about an old gardener who sought advice from a monk. Writes Parachin:
“Great Monk, let me ask you: How can I attain liberation?” The Great Monk replied: “Who tied you up?” This old gardener answered: “Nobody tied me up.” The Great Monk said: “Then why do you seek liberation?”
One of the most liberating thoughts I repeat to myself when I’m immersed in grief and sadness is this: I don’t need anyone or anything to make me happy. When I’m experiencing the intense pangs of grief, it is so difficult to trust that I can be whole without that person in my life. But I have learned over and over again that I can. I really can. It is my job to fill the emptiness, and I can do it… creatively, and with the help of my higher power.

3. List your strengths.
As I wrote in my “12 Ways to Keep Going” post, a technique that helps me when I feel raw and defeated to try anymore is to list my strengths. I say to myself, “Self, you have been sober for 20 years!! Weaklings can’t pull off that! And here you are, alive, after those 18 months of intense suicidal thoughts. Plus you haven’t smoked a cigarette since that funeral back in December of last year!” I say all of that while listening to the “Rocky” soundtrack, and by the last line, I’m ready to tackle my next challenge: move on from this sadness and try to be a productive individual in this world. If you can’t list your strengths, start a self-esteem file. Click here to learn how you build one.
4. Allow some fantasizing.
Grief wouldn’t be the natural process that it should be without some yearning for the person you just lost. Dr. Christine Whelan, who writes the “Pure Sex, Pure Column” on, explains the logic of allowing a bit of fantasy. She writes:
If you are trying to banish a sexual fantasy from your head, telling yourself “I’m not going to fantasize about her” or “I won’t think about what it would be like to be intimate with him” might make it worse… In a famous psychological study from the 1980s, a group of subjects were told to think about anything but whatever they did, they were not supposed to think about a white bear. Guess what they all thought about? [A white bear.]
5. Help someone else.
When I’m in pain, the only guaranteed antidote to my suffering is to box up all of my feelings, sort them, and then try to find a use for them. That’s why writing Beyond Blue contributes a big chunk to my recovery, why moderating Group Beyond Blue has me excited to wake up every day. When you turn your attention to anoth

er person — especially someone who is struggling with the same kind of pain — you forget about yourself for a split moment. And let’s face it, that, on some days, feels like a miracle.
6. Laugh. And cry.
Laughter heals on many levels as I explain in my “9 Ways Humor Heals” post, and so does crying. You think it’s just a coincidence that you always feel better after a good cry? Nope, there are many physiological reasons that contribute to the healing power of tears. Some of them have been documented by biochemist William Frey who has spent 15 years as head of a research team studying tears. Among their findings is that emotional tears (as compared to tears of irritation, like when you cut an onion) contain toxic biochemical byproducts, so that weeping removes these toxic substances and relieves emotional stress. So go grab a box of Kleenex and cry your afternoon away.

7. Make a good and bad list.
You need to know which activities will make you feel good, and which ones will make you want to toilet paper your ex-lover’s home (or apartment). You won’t really know which activity belongs on which list until you start trying things, but I suspect that things like checking out his wall on Facebook and seeing that he has just posted a photo of his gorgeous new girlfriend is not going to make you feel good, so put that on the “don’t attempt” list, along with e-mails and phone calls to his buddies fishing for information about him. On the “feels peachy” list might be found such ventures as: deleting all of his e-mails and voicemails, pawning off the jewelry he gave you (using the cash for a much-needed massage?), laughing over coffee with a new friend who doesn’t know him from Adam (to ensure his name won’t come up).

8. Work it out.
Working out your grief quite literally — by running, swimming, exercising, walking, or kick-boxing — is going to give you immediate relief. On a physiological level — because exercise increases the activity of serotonin and/or norepinehrine and stimulates brain chemicals that foster growth of nerve cells — but also on an emotional level, because you are taking charge and becoming the master of your mind and body. Plus you can visualize the fellow who is responsible for your pain and you can kick him in the face. Now doesn’t that feel good?
9. Create a new world.
This is especially important if your world has collided with his, meaning that mutual friends who have seen him in the last week feel the need to tell you about it. Create your own safe world — full of new friends who wouldn’t recognize him in a crowd and don’t know how to spell his name — where he is not allowed to drop by for a figurative or literal surprise visit. Take this opportunity to try something new — scuba diving lessons, an art class, a book club, a blog — so to program your mind and body to expect a fresh beginning… without him (or her).
10. Find hope.
There’s a powerful quote in the movie The Tale of Despereaux that I’ve been thinking about ever since I heard it: “There is one emotion that is stronger than fear, and that is forgiveness.” I suppose that’s why, at my father’s deathbed, the moment of reconciliation between us made me less scared to lose him. But forgiveness requires hope: believing that a better place exists, that the aching emptiness experienced in your every activity won’t be with you forever, that one day you’ll be excited to make coffee in the morning or go to a movie with friends. Hope is believing that the sadness can evaporate, that if you try like hell to move on with your life, your smile won’t always be forced. Therefore in order to forgive and to move past fear, you need to find hope.
And remember to love again…
Once our hearts are bruised and burned from a relationship that ended, we have two options: we can close off pieces of our heart so that one day no one will be able to get inside. Or we can love again. Deeply, just as intensely as we did before. Henri Nouwen urges to love again because the heart only expands with the love we are able to pour forth. He writes:

The more you have loved and have allowed yourself to suffer because of your love, the more you will be able to let your heart grow wider and deeper. When your love is truly giving and receiving, those whom you love will not leave your heart even when they depart from you. The pain of rejection, absence, and death can become fruitful. Yes, as you love deeply the ground of your heart will be broken more and more, but you will rejoice in the abundance of the fruit it will bear.



Alan Dawson3 hours ago
Arsene Wenger has lifted the lid on a; how he prepares his Gunners for away days in Europe and b; what happens if that is followed by another in the league, like on Sunday, when Arsenal take on Manchester United.

Arsenal travel to Signal Iduna Park to take on Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday, November 6 in the Champions League and, if tradition dictates, manager Arsene Wenger will be preparing his Gunners as he has done since the start of his tenure in North London.

However, what was most revealing about Wenger’s policy regarding matches on the road is that, if a second away game follows a European trip, there will be very little training between games as, instead, there will be a greater emphasis placed on medical sessions and recovery.

When it comes to traveling to games in Europe, Arsenal have their final training session at their Shenley Training Centre in Hertfordshire, the morning prior to kick-off and will then depart London in the afternoon, however, there is little time to rest after the game’s conclusion as the team will leave that same night.

‘Usually we have our last training session here in London the morning the day before the game, and then travel in the afternoon,’ Wenger said, as quoted by the club’s official website.

‘You have a press conference when you arrive [and] the next morning you get the players up at around 10am… we have a pre-match meeting where we talk about the opposition, and what we need to do. Then lunch, followed by an afternoon sleep, then tea, another meeting where I give the team out then head to the stadium.

‘After the game we always like to come back to London straight away. Some teams stay the night in the country they have played, but we always return immediately, no matter where we have played.’

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Wenger prefers operating this way because he says the team, if they have won, are generally too excited to sleep straight away and can often be up until five or six in the morning. If they did not travel straight away then they’d have to leave first thing, which would disrupt their sleep patterns and it would also, effectively, waste a day’s work.

‘If you come home straight away, even if you don’t get to bed until 4am that night, you can leave them in bed until midday and so you don’t lose sleep, and you don’t lose the next day. I always found it better to recover that way.’

Arsenal’s title challenge was supposed to hit hurdles in November. The North London outfit have already cleared one obstacle, an examination against Liverpool which they duly answered thanks to goals from Santi Cazorla and Aaron Ramsey, but this weeks fixtures, against Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United, will no doubt be the most gruelling. Not just because of the quality of the opposition, but because it is two away games on the trot.

Arsenal play on Wednesday, then have three full days to recover until a Sunday afternoon encounter with United. There will be few actual training sessions between these two tests, though, as Wenger explained that it is ‘all based on warm-downs, recoveries, treatments and assessments: who is tired, who isn’t tired, who has knocks and so on.

‘Basically during the time between a Champions League game and a Premier League game there is more medical work than technical work. If you play on Wednesday night in Fenerbahce and then play at 12.45pm on Saturday at Fulham, what else can you do?

‘You arrive at five in the morning on Thursday, you get them warmed down, then the next day a recovery session outside, then you go again to the next hotel.’

Arsenal are top of both their Champions League group and Premier League table, however, any positive result obtained against either opposition will no doubt fortify their standing as the favourites to finish Group F and the domestic campaign in pole position


Confusion @Starboy Entertainment

Information reaching us from some of’s sources about the latest development in Staryboy Entertainment is that it
seems things are not in good shape between the
acts on the label. The rumour making the rounds
is that LAX is about to set up his own label reason
being that Wizkid allegedly cheated him from the
proceeds made from their hit single, Caro. Wizkid who floated his record label during his fight with EME’s boss banky W has landed himself in similar mess with his newly signed artist just right after there first single. LAX is now set to establish his own music label to be called SMR Entertainment, we were told. Well I guess what goes around come around


10 Secrets Men Keep From Women

Yes, men tell women what we think you want to hear because, let’s face it, you’re going to decide if we’re having sex tonight. If you ask us to communicate, we think it’s a trap. Women say they want me to be honest, but when men let it rip, women don’t like the answers. As I have no personal attachment to anyone on this site, I’m going to let it rip.

Things men tell their buddies that they don’t tell their wives and girlfriends.

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1. Yes, it’s about sex. Men like sex, men like variety. Men like women that enjoy sex, enjoy variety, and are active partners in sex. Discuss: Why do men love sex?

2. A man is less likely to feel romantic if a woman is making his life miserable. If you want to cuddle, don’t start a fight over leaving the toilet seat up or not taking out the garbage, Buzzkill.

3. Men are passionate about the things women hate. In general, when men tell you they don’t like cartoons, stoner movies, action movies, motorcycles, South Park, sports, firearms, the Simpsons, and ESPN, etc. they are lying so that they can have sex with you. 

4. Men don’t like women’s entertainment. I’d rather eat glass than watch Bridget Jones, but I’ve watched it for sex.

5. There’s only 24 hours in a day. Eight hours of sleep, ten hours at work, two hours commute, 90 minutes at the gym, and 90 minutes cooking, eating, and washing up leaves only one hour each day for “us” or “me” time. Keep your expectations reasonable and share. 10 Ways to Squeeze in More Sex

6. Women have cold hands, feet, butts, and other body parts. Men are not your personal heaters. Warm them or keep them to yourself.

7. A man’s willingness to put up with a women’s b.s. is directly proportional to how hot they are. Yes, men will kiss a beautiful women’s ass for sex, that doesn’t mean you’re going to get the same treatment.

8. When women say they want to sit down and talk, men hear “I’m pissed.” You never want to talk about things we like, like sports, so telling us you want to talk sends us the signal that you want to bring up something that’s bothering you. You might fool us once in a while by actually wanting to talk about something the other sex is interested in. Men have to, it’s called dating.

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9. Men hate dating because we have to lie. Lying isn’t fun. We can’t wait to be married so we can really tell you how we feel about Bridget Jones. Unless he’s a jerk, a man’s happiest day is when he no longer has to lie to have sex.

10.  Working out doesn’t count unless you sweat. We don’t want to hear about how tough your yoga class was if all the girls in class are wearing makeup. The Joy of Flex: Exercise Better Together


ASUU STRIKE: Nigeria Universities To Open Next Week With Or Without ASUU

In a last ditch effort to resolve the ASUU strike, President Goodluck Jonathan will on Monday, November 4, meet with the leadership of ASUU at the Presidential Villa.

This was part of the resolutions of the meeting between the ASUU leadership, Vice President Namadi Sambo and the Supervising Minister of Education on Tuesday as was first reported by this medium.

An official of the Vice President’s office who pleaded anonymity said that all hands are now on deck to ensure that the universities resume next week.

The official stated that the Vice President and the Supervising Minister of Education have made head-way in resolving the strike, but the final involvement of the President is to show ASUU that there is the commitment of the Federal Government at the highest level.

It was learnt that the President has been fully briefed on steps taken by Vice President Namadi Sambo and the Supervising Minister of Education to get to this point and he will at next Monday’s meeting present to the ASUU leadership the administration’s last concession for them to call off the prolonged strike.

A source at the Presidential Villa noted that if ASUU fails to call off, the Federal Government will then resort to plan B, which will be to compulsorily open the universities, using the instrumentality of the governing councils and the school managements.

Already, most of the governing councils of the universities have started meeting to work out modalities for the compulsory re-opening of the universities should ASUU fail to honour the personal request of President Jonathan.

According to report, the Supervising Minister of Education, Barr. Nyesom Wike and the Vice Chancellors of Public Universities also discussed the re-opening of the schools last Monday. Most of the Vice Chancellors suggested the compulsory re-opening of the schools, should the last ditch efforts fail.

It was gathered that security report available to the Presidency may have necessitated this line of action to salvage the universities system from the direction it is facing at present.


5 Types Of Men Women Can’t Resist

There are certain things that automatically attract a woman to a man, and some of these things are so important that they make up the type of guys women can’t resist. Here are five of them.

Guys, see which one (or ones, for that matter) fit you. If any of these don’t, have no fear because it all goes back to preference. You might have something that makes you truly, charmingly unique, or you may have a combination of all of these.
1. The guy who knows what works for him in the area of fashion.

Guys who know what kinds of clothing look good on them, and are aware of how clothes should fit and what colors are flattering, are always irresistible. Guys don’t necessarily have to be dressed in the latest fashion, especially if they instinctively know that it is not the look for them, and women appreciate this.

2. The guy who takes pride in his appearance at all times, not just when he is trying to impress.

Guys who always make sure they are well-groomed are always irresistible. A woman can tell if a guy is literally not used to “cleaning up”. It will show in telltale ways such as fingernails or hands that are so dirty it is impossible to remove all the dirt, and also in a guy’s hair by way of dandruff or oil, a clear sign that his hair is not regularly cleaned.

3. The guy who has been taught at least a few rudimentary manners and he practices them, often enough so that they appear natural and not forced.

Guys, here is the quickest way to give yourselves away here: You hold your spoon like a shovel and talk with your mouth full. The next time you sit down to eat, see if you are guilty of this.

4. The guy who is respectful.

Many times a woman may be initially attracted to a man for one or more of the reasons listed above, but she still waits to make her move until she sees how he treats others. The most attractive man in the world does not have a chance if he is disrespectful.

5. Something about a guy who reminds women of a TV character.

This does not necessarily have to be appearance, either. Gestures or mannerisms can also remind a woman of a TV character. Guys who have these benefits going for them should remember that while one or all of these are what attracted women to them in the first place, in the end it is their individual personalities and other things that will determine if the attraction is fleeting or can become more permanent.

The type of guy who women can’t resist should think of it in this way: The irresistible factor you possess just smoothed the way for an easier first meeting, and while that factor will continue to help some, that in itself won’t sustain the relationship.


differences btw OBAMA n mrs OBUAH

NAME: Barack Obama.
OFFICE: President of the United States

ENEMIES: Al Qaeda, Hamas; Army of Islam;Ku
Klux Klan; Red Brigade; Abu Sayyaf;
Republican Party; U.S. War veterans; Al Badr;
Baader Meinhoff; Orange Volunteers;
Hezbollah; Islamic Jihad; IRA; Revolutionary
Armed Forces of Columbia; November 17
Organization; Mohammedan Army; Ansar
Dine; Taliban; Tamil Tigers Movement; Ulster
Movement; Libyan L.F.G; North-Korea, Palestine Liberation, etc..,
Front; Al Shabaab.
OFFICIAL CAR: 2009 Cadillac DTS Limo a.k.a
“The Beast”
QUANTITY : 1 car
PRICE: $300,000 ( N47 million).

NAME: Stella Oduah, Miss.
OFFICE: Minister of Aviation, Nigeria

ENEMIES: Ex-husband, Femi Fani-Kayode,
Village witches, Dana Airlines,
OFFICIAL CAR: 2008 BulleT Proof BMW 760iL
HSS a.k.a “BMW Annoyance”
PRICE: $1.6million (N255million)
Una see say some people go already don get specially selected demon room-mate for them in Hell, Haba! Don’t get it all mixed up though, the so-called probing committee & the entire political folks/public office holders/ministerial appointment selects etc all got their own ghosts too. But well, na person wey him pikin die peole dey gather for him house to say sorry…

Koko of the story: what is our country becoming?

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‪ 5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8 AM

Margaret Thatcher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rise and shine! Morning time just became your new best friend.

Love it or hate it, utilizing the morning hours before work may be the key to a successful and healthy lifestyle. That’s right, early rising is a common trait found in many CEOs, government officials, and other influential people. Margaret Thatcher was up every day at 5 a.m.; Frank Lloyd Wright at 4 am and Robert Iger, the CEO of Disney wakes at 4:30am just to name a few. I know what you’re thinking – you do your best work at night. Not so fast. According to

Inc. Magazine, morning people have been found to be more proactive and more productive. In addition, the health benefits for those with a life before work go on and on. Let’s explore 5 of the things successful people do before 8 am.

14 Things Successful People Do On Weekends Jacquelyn Smith Forbes StaffThe Most Successful Leaders Do 15 Things Automatically, Every Day Glenn Llopis ContributorDo You Want To Change Your Life For The Better? 7 Ways To Make It A Habit Jennifer Cohen ContributorHow To Be A Super-Achiever: The 10 Qualities That Matter Jenna Goudreau Forbes Staff1. Exercise. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Most people that work out daily, work out in the morning. Whether it’s a morning yoga session or a trip to the gym, exercising before work gives you a boost of energy for the day and that deserved sense of accomplishment. Anyone can tackle a pile of paperwork after 200 ab reps! Morning workouts also eliminate the possibility of flaking out on your cardio after a long day at work. Even if you aren’t bright eyed and bushy tailed at the thought of a 5 am jog, try waking up 15 minutes early for a quick bedside set of pushups or stretching. It’ll help wake up your body, and prep you for your day.2. Map Out Your Day. Maximize your potential by mapping out your schedule for the day, as well as your goals and to dos. The morning is a good time for this as it is often one of the only quiet times a person gets throughout the day. The early hours foster easier reflection that helps when prioritizing your activities. They also allow for uninterrupted problem solving when trying to fit everything into your timetable. While scheduling, don’t forget about your mental health. Plan a 10 minute break after that stressful meeting for a quick walk around the block or a moment of meditation at your desk. Trying to eat healthy? Schedule a small window in the evening to pack a few nutritious snacks to bring to work the next day.3. Eat a Healthy Breakfast. We all know that rush out the door with a cup of coffee and an empty stomach feeling. You sit down at your desk, and you’re already wondering how early that taco truck sets up camp outside your office. No good. Take that extra time in the morning to fuel your body for the tasks ahead of it. It will help keep your mind on what’s at hand and not your growling stomach. Not only is breakfast good for your physical health, it is also a good time to connect socially. Even five minutes of talking with your kids or spouse while eating a quick bowl of oatmeal can boost your spirits before heading out the door.4. Visualization. These days we talk about our physical health ad nauseam, but sometimes our mental health gets overlooked. The morning is the perfect time to spend some quiet time inside your mind meditating or visualizing. Take a moment to visualize your day ahead of you, focusing on the successes you will have. Even just a minute of visualization and positive thinking can help improve your mood and outlook on your work load for the day.5. Make Your Day Top Heavy. We all have that one item on our to do list that we dread. It looms over you all day (or week) until you finally suck it up and do it after much procrastination. Here’s an easy tip to save yourself the stress – do that least desirable task on your list first. Instead of anticipating the unpleasantness of it from first coffee through your lunch break, get it out of the way. The morning is the time when you are (generally) more well rested and your energy level is up. Therefore, you are more well equipped to handle more difficult projects. And look at it this way, your day will get progressively easier, not the other way around. By the time your work day is ending, you’re winding down with easier to dos and heading into your free time more relaxed. Success! 

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‪ Tiananmen car crash may have been suicide attack, officials claim

Smoke rises from the scene of Monday’s crash at the Forbidden City, in which a sport utility vehicle mounted the pavement and burst into flames. Photograph: Reuters

Police investigating Monday’s car crash at Beijing’s Forbidden City are searching for information on two suspects from the Muslim Uighur minority. A day after a car ploughed through a crowd, crashed and burst into flames, killing five people and injuring 38, government sources have said the “major incident” may have been a suicide attack.

“It looks like a premeditated suicide attack,” a government source told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Two bystanders, including a Filipino woman, were killed when a sport utility vehicle veered inside a barrier separating a crowded pavement from a busy avenue and then drove toward Tiananmen Gate, which stands opposite Tiananmen Square. Three passengers inside the car were also killed.

The 38 injured were among the crowds in front of the gate, where a large portrait of Mao Zedong hangs near the southern entrance to the former imperial palace. Three other Filipinos and a Japanese man were among the injured, police said, but there were no immediate details on their conditions.

Zhao Fuzhou, a security official at Beijing’s Xinjiang Dasha hotel, said police had circulated a notice searching for information about two suspects with Uighur names. Unconfirmed copies of the notice also were widely circulated on the internet.

One of the men, identified in the notice as Yusupu Wumaierniyazi, was listed as living at the address of a town in Xinjiang in which 24 police and civilians and 13 militants were killed in an attack on 26 June.

Radicals among the Muslim Turkic Uighurs have been fighting a low-intensity insurgency against Chinese rule for years. This summer saw an unusually large number of violent incidents and Chinese security forces say they have been guarding against attacks outside Xinjiang.

A police statement said the vehicle had burst into flames after crashing at about midday on Monday into a guardrail for one of the ancient stone bridges leading to the gate. The driver apparently jumped a curb and travelled about 400 metres to the spot where the car was said to have caught fire. Along the way, it avoided trees, street lights and at least one security checkpoint.

The adjacent Chang’an Avenue was closed as police and rescue services converged, and re-opened just over an hour later.

Photos of the scene circulated briefly on the internet showing a vehicle emitting thick smoke at the gate. Injured people, including a young girl, lay on the ground, many of them bleeding heavily.

Raúl Hernández, a spokesman at the Philippine department of foreign affairs, said their information indicated that the Filipinos who were killed and injured were tourists. “Our embassy is working to gather more details about this incident and to extend the necessary and appropriate assistance to the victims,” he said in a statement.

Police said the other tourist killed was a Chinese man from the southern province of Guangdong.

Just west of the square lies the Great Hall of the People, the seat of

China’s parliament, and many of country’s top leaders live and work just a few hundred metres away in the tightly guarded Zhongnanhai compound.

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PROUD 2 be an IBBULite

Am proud to be an Ibbulite!
Do you know?
¤¤2010—- Yusuf Jikantoro came the 2nd runner up in all Nigerian Universities Mathematics Competition—— 2011–Ajayi Adekola Alex also came the 1st Runner up in Computer Programming Language through out the Nation and 2012—– Usman Vulegbo Aliyu and his crew also made the institution proud in Mass Communication among others.

¤¤2012—- Comrade Mohammed A. Mohammed (the pioneer SUG president of Ibbul and also the 1st NANS-JCC Chairman of Niger Axis) was officially pronounced as the Special Assistant to the Niger State Governor on Students Affair Matters.
¤¤¤ 2012—– Christiana Odeh won the Most beautiful Girl in Niger State and represented the State in the Most beautiful Girl in Nigeria beauty pageant. The same young beautiful and passionate lady also became the Most beautiful Girl in Benue State and Participated in this year most beautiful Girl in Nigeria at Bayelsa State.

¤¤¤ and now we seek for your full support and vote to keep one of the Student of IBBUL going in the Destiny Child Talent Hunt.
Jibril Adewunmi Olaoluwa Popularly known as “AFRICANA”(IBBUL Most talented artistes 2010) needs our Vote.
Kindly Text “DC OLAOLUWA” to 33810 to keep him in the house.
GOD BLESS you!!as you Vote for him on Destiny Child Talent HuntO:) multiple vote is allowed Plz ReBc
Long Live IBBUL!

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Adenuga To Chair Peter Okoye and Tania Omotayo Wedding

For multibillionaire telecoms magnate, it is a busy year indeed. Adenuga, who has built his empire through hardwork and relentless marketing, sure knows a thing or two about pushing the envelope.

Having pioneered the trend of using popular entertainment icons as brand ambassadors, he has decided to extend beyond business frontiers and have a personal relationship with them.

This was evident with the recent declaration that he may be the chairman of the forthcoming wedding between Peter Okoye and Tania Omotayo.

A pleasant surprise this has been to stakeholders in the entertainment industry.

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ASUU Jamb Question

if u can solve it, U are a genius
ASUU 301 (4 Credit Unit) 1st CA TEST
Time Allowed: 30sec.
Instruction: Answer all question.
Date:10th jan. 2014.

Question: Below is the emperical
formular for calculating duration
of graduation in Nigerian Universities;
Graduation years = 5 + x +y
x is duration of strike, and
y is number of spill-over.
Now that the limit of x is infinity, as
y approaches zero integrate the
value of graduating year,
assuming carry over to be zero.

If you need extra sheet, raise up ur hand

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Johovah, my biggest Daddy, my God dat opened d womb of a barren woman ‘Hannah’, surely He can do more dan ‘Rihanna’ =D, my God is the lord of all TRIBE yet He has no TRIBAL MARKs, I call Him the great master over Dbanj d koko master :p, yet He is never a slave master =D, Jehovah, power dat rules more territory than jaru, He dat brought mi out from PIT and branded me like brad pitt, now I can shakara even better than shakira =D, in His will He created the goldsmith, why den do u compare Him with willsmith :(, in His own image He created adam and eve dat is to say He is more good looking dan genevive 8-|, because even omotola, queen latiffat, jennifer lopez, agbani darego and every other beautiful star to him they bow their heads:), as the bright and morning star can’t U see how He beautify my innocent face with sweetness and freshness\=D/, meaning there is goodness in fullness 4 those that trust Him and seek His face, because this Jehovah am praising with my rhymes deserve more rhythm dan busta rhymes:x

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It is horrible. Guys tell your wife, sisters, girlfriends, and girl cousins wash bra before wearing.


This is not for the weak; I have never seen anything like this. Read the article first before looking at the picture and film. This looks horrible. Oh my God!!!!!!! Ladies this could happen to you and Guys this could happen to your wife, girlfriend, partner so please BEWARE,and also warn others.

It has been reported that this is happening in Kenya as well, please make sure you iron your undergarments before you wear them and make sure that your clothes are ironed when they are dry and not damp. The picture is horrible but I felt that I should share with you. After anthropologist Susan McKinley came back home from an expedition in South America, she noticed a very strange rash on her left breast. Nobody knew what it was and she quickly dismissed it believing that the holes would leave in time. Upon her return she decided to see a doctor after she started developing intense pains. The doctor, not knowing the exact severity of the disease, gave her antibiotics and special creams. As time lapsed the pain did not subside and her left breast became more inflamed and started to bleed.

She decided to bandage her sores however as Susan’s pain grew more intense she decided to seek help from a more certified doctor. Dr. Lynch could not diagnose the infection and told Susan to seek the aid of one of his colleagues who specialized in dermatology whom was sadly on vacation. She waited for two weeks and finally was able to react the dermatologist.

Sadly,a life changing event was about to unfold during her appointment.

To Miss McKinley’s surprise, after she removed the bandages, they found larva growing and squirming within the pores and sores of her breast. Sometimes these wicked creatures would all together simultaneously move around into different crevices.

What she didn’t know was that the holes were in fact, deeper than she had originally thought for these larvae were feeding off the fat, tissue, and even milk canals of her bosom.

Click to View Video  (video link)

more pics

Rate this:

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Nomination still in progress…

So far we have received the following nominations:

Best Screenwriter: CB Josef

Best Director: Abel Onafurume
Bernard Aguda
Noel D Metrock
Sadisu Mohammed
Jubril Bala Jubril
Confidence Dominic

Best Editor: Solosoft
Femi Akadiri
Gbenga Bwight

Best DOP: Sulaiman Yusuf
Mayor Joshua

Best Actor(English): Habibullahi Hamahullahi
Emmy P
Kelvin Nweke
Solomon Yacs
Job Zubairu

Best Actress(English): Anita Peters
Blessing Abu
Rabiat Aliyu
Anthonia Udemba
Hope Agbemire

Best Actor(Nupe): *******

Best Actress(Nupe): *******

Best Actor(Gwari): *******

Best Actress(Gwari): *******

Best DJ: DJ Monday
DJ Splash
DJ Kenny

Best MC: Shaka Adaba
Prince Hussaini Yusuf Kodo
King Noel D Metrock
Mr Lekky

Best Music video: Kaabeer Yusuf AKA Kabeey Y

Best Rap Artist: Larry B

Best Sound Producer: Dazman Record

Best Dance Group: Slog Boys
Young Diplomat

Best Graphics: Gbenga Bwight

Best Comedian: *******

Best Traditional Troupe: Sibombo

Nominations continues….

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There will be an award Night coming up Nov30th-Dec1st, in Minna. Category of awards are

GENERAL(English, Nupe and Gwari)
Best Director
Best Screenwriter
Best Editor
Best Director of Photography

Best Actor
Best Actress

Best Actor
Best Actress

Best actor
Best Actress

Other Awards are:
Best DJ
Best MC
Best Music Video
Best performing Artist
Best Sound Producer
Best Dance Group
Best Traditional Troupe
Best Graphics
Best Rap Artist
Best Comedian

These Awards rely on your nominations; nominees shall be posted on the wall of a facebook page(Mellinnium Academy Award) where your votes will determine the winners. Vote wisely!

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Mellinium Entertainment Presents -[EXPOSURE 2013]- #Quest For Mr & Miss NiGER. »»» Featuring: •Beauty Pageant •Award Presentation •Dance Competition. «««« Live @ UK Bello Art Theatre, Minna, Niger State. [Date: 30Nov – 1stDec. 2013] [Time: 1pm Prompt]. ••••Reg. FORM #1,000. For more Info: Call Mellinium Entertainment Management 08035920001. ««« Proudly Supported by. #AMA_CREW #SVW #MCA #AGN #1Mol Media #NSTV #SOUNDCiTY #Vetmas #Hunasha Entertainment #Technofix Network #Niger State House of Assembly #Ministry of Youth Development. ••!•• ##~BC Powered by TechnoFix Network•••• Don’t Miss out in dis Hot Award Winning Show Live in Niger State Nigeria. !!!!!!!! Proudly Nigerian.

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Klopp backs Ozil to fire Arsenal bid for silverware

Borussia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp on Monday claimed Mesut Ozil’s arrival at Arsenal could be the catalyst to finally end the Premier League club’s long trophy drought.

Ozil has played a key role in Arsenal’s rise to the top of the Premier League since his club record £42.4 million ($66 million, 50 million euros) transfer from Real Madrid on transfer deadline day last month.

Arsenal are unbeaten in eight matches since Ozil moved to north London and the Germany midfielder underlined his value with a double in Saturday’s 4-1 win over Norwich

Klopp, who guided his team to the Champions League final at Wembley last season, knows all about Ozil from his time in Germany with Werder Bremen and Schalke and will get a close-up look at the playmaker in Tuesday’s Group F clash at the Emirates Stadium.

But the Dortmund boss is already convinced Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has made one of the signings of the season and he expects the Gunners to make a serious bid to end their run of eight years without silverware.

“This team missed one player and maybe it can be Mesut Ozil,” said Klopp.

“He is technically perfect, he is fast and has developed a drive to goal.

“He is very intelligent, can play in any team. He has everything, is a natural and it works very well.

“That is why it was a great idea from Arsenal and not so from the one team who let him go.

“One year ago no-one thought it was possible they could play brilliant football without (Santi) Cazorla, now they have some injuries and still look strong with (Aaron) Ramsey and (Jack) Wilshere, (Tomas) Rosicky is back in shape and (Olivier) Giroud, he is one of the best strikers.

“As a supporter this is one of the most beautiful types of football to watch, I like it.

“Who is strong enough to be champions in the Premier League is of course strong enough to go to the final of the Champions League.

“Now they are back in the race for titles and we want to stop them.”

Arsenal take on last season’s European runners-up in a double-header on matchday three and four which could well shape the outcome of Group F and Klopp admits Dortmund have no margin for error.

“They have more points (than us), are in first place in one of the strongest leagues in the world and they play at home, so will be favourites,” he said.

“We will have to play one of our best games ever because there is no other chance to be successful here.

“But I think these will be two close games and some of the small things will decide what will happen.

“We have to be prepared for these details and we will see, but if I had to pay for a ticket, then I think I would pick this one.”

Klopp was linked with the vacant managerial jobs at both Manchester City and Chelsea during the close-season, but ended up staying in Germany.

He remains focused on Dortmund and refused to be drawn when asked if he could still see his future in England.

“I am 46 and I want to work for a few more years, maybe in the future if somebody asks me to come to England, we will see,” he added.

“But for this moment there is no chance to think about it.”

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The Watchable 20: Sport’s most entertaining teams

So your favourite team isn’t playing, but there are plenty of sports on TV. What are you going to watch? Are there certain players you gravitate toward? Particular teams who offer something – be it a unique approach to the game or a club that can’t seem to help but compete in close contests – that keep you tuning in? A jersey or colour scheme that’s appealing to the eye? Sheer greatness or staggering ineptitude?

It all boils down to one overriding factor: Watchability.

So with that in mind, we present the Watchable 20 – otherwise known as The 20 – a recurring ranking of the 20 most watchable teams across pretty much every major league and sport. Excitement matters. Scoring matters. Stars matter. Big plays matter.

And your opinion matters. Did we miss out on one of your favourites? Disagree with our choices? Make your case for the teams you’d rather watch in the comments below, or tweet @sportsnet with #Watchable20. We’ll hear you.

The Watchable Twenty: 1. Arsenal – The Premier League’s top club has been winning in style. I mean, did you see the calibre of goals the Gunners produced this weekend?

2. Denver Broncos – If they aren’t decimating opponents behind the arm of Peyton Manning and the most talented receiving corps in football, the Broncos are competing in storyline and tension-filled matchups like Monday night’s loss to the Colts in Manning’s return to Indy. Either way, you’re tuning in.

3. Pittsburgh Penguins – Too much firepower for any team to contain. Sidney Crosby gets the NHL’s version of the Peyton Manning Early Season Award: When a future all-time great is on a roll like this, you make it appointment viewing.

4. Chicago Blackhawks – A deep front nine led by human highlight reels Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, the ‘Hawks have continued in October from where they left off in June.

5. Texas A&M – Never mind the high-octane wins against the likes of Sam Houston (65-28), SMU (42-13), and Rice (52-31). In their last three games the Aggies have outscored opponents 127-116, meaning plenty of touchdowns and close finishes. Meanwhile, Heisman winner Johnny Manziel has already thrown for 2,289 yards and 18 touchdowns (just eight fewer than all of last year).

6. Boston Red Sox – As long as John Farrell’s crew keeps deciding late-inning playoff games with grand slams, they’ll have a home on this list.

7. New Orleans Saints – With the defence to match what has long been established as one of the highest-octane offence in the NFL, the Saints boast the added bonus of half of their games going right down to the wire.

8. Swansea City – As fun a team to watch as there is in football, between top scoring Spaniard Michu and Canadian Jonathan de Guzman, Swansea doesn’t mind giving up a goal or two knowing they can find the back of the net with the best of ‘em.

9. Seattle Seahawks – Playmakers for days – on both sides of the ball – and one of the coolest uniforms around. Whether it’s a bruising Marshawn Lynch run, some magic from Russell Wilson, or a game-changing play from Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and the ‘Hawks elite defence, there’s never a shortage of reasons to tune into a Seahawks game.

10. San Jose Sharks – While we’re all waiting for another four-goal game from Tomas Hertl, we’re more than happy to marvel at the Sharks’ established stars – and those wicked teal jerseys.

11. FC Barcelona – Loaded with all-world talent and boasting the most exciting player in the game, FC Barcelona should be a fixture on a list like this.

12. Golden State Warriors – The only team to get a spot on the list even though their season hasn’t started yet. Hey, a 115-89 rout of the Lakers, including 15 threes in an exhibition contest in Shanghai will do that. Also, we should just get used to seeing the Dubs here because Steph Curry and company take ‘watchability’ to a whole new level.

13. Kansas City Chiefs – Like defence? The Chiefs D has tallied the most sacks and forced more turnovers than any other in football. On the other side of the ball, Jamaal Charles is a 70-yard touchdown run waiting to happen.

14. Toronto Maple Leafs – Hey, check it out, the Leafs actually look solid to start the season! Add a good ol’ fashioned goaltending controversy (though you’ve got to think Bernier is the man going forward), and there’s no shortage of drama and storylines when it comes to the Buds.

15. Edmonton Oilers – They may not be winning and their goaltending situation has become more than a bit of a problem, but with all the young talent on this club, they’re always a minute from a highlight.

16. Philadelphia Eagles – As we get more used to it, the Chip Kelly lunatic offence will lose some of its charm, but the Eagles remain in the top five in offence (and that’s with Nick Foles getting serious reps!). Not to mention that LeSean McCoy is the most exciting back in football.

17. Western Mustangs – The games haven’t been close, which hurts on these rankings, because there’s a tendency to flip the channel amidst a blowout, but the Mustangs deserve credit for averaging a CIS-leading 57.2 points and 647.8 yards (that’s per game) through eight contests this season.

18. New York Jets – No, seriously. Always a good watch for those who prefer their football to be of the smash-mouth, defensive-oriented variety, but with Geno Smith, Rex Ryan’s crew actually has a playmaker worth tuning in for.

19. Paris Saint-Germain – The free-spending Ligue 1 club holds a spot on this list for one reason alone: because we all want to see what Zlatan Ibrahimovic will do next.

20. Buffalo Bills – That’s right, the biggest surprise of the NFL season: both the Jets and the Bills make an appearance on this list. Buffalo belongs here for their entertaining and surprising production at quarterback from both EJ Manuel and injury replacement Thad Lewis. But mainly, it’s because rookie linebacker Kiko Alonso (third in the NFL in tackles, first in interceptions) is fast-becoming the most watchable defensive player in football.

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Do you know that NO ACTOR IS SUCH A BAD ACTOR?….if not, then check this out and discover what it is..


I have never thought of writing about this, until yesterday, when a director told me that one of his actors could not act. He bluntly told the actor, that ‘you are a bad actor.’ I tried to ignore his comment, but his assistant emphatically said, that the same guy cannot interpret a simple character. I looked at the guy being unconstructively criticized and guess my opinion about him: he actual could act and had the tendencies of become a star, but the role given to him did not support his talent. With adherence to that, I chose to write on this three relevant points:

*No actor is such a bad actor
*Using the right actor for the right role
*Converting a stage actors into a screen actor

The major reason I wrote this, is because I am honestly tired of some directors putting all the blames on actors, for bad acting. In my opinion, any actor that gets on stage or on set, should be given the chance to show what they are made of and thereby be taken seriously, with respect to that.


If we agree that there is literally nothing like a bad student, but a bad teacher; then there is no such thing as a bad actor but a bad director. An actor may be new to acting, or shy at first, or might have been receiving the wrong kind of directing, but all actors have that fire inside them that will deliver the best performance you need for a scene.

Don’t misunderstand me here, there is something like bad acting, but nothing like bad actors. Acting is bad when an actor hasn’t had the proper direction. Now, Let’s look at it from this perspective, if a prospective actor chose to go into the acting, it means this actor already has the recipe of acting going on in the mind. If the actor has already made up his/her mind to be on stage or in front of a camera where others will watch him/her, then the actor already has the talent inside; you as a director just have to guide the talent in the right direction. Some actors require more attention than others, but once they find their inner strength, they will give you consistently good performances afterwards.

Now the question is, how do you bring out the inner strength of the actor? These are some clues

*Never shout or get angry at an actor for not giving you what you expect. The idea is to talk the actor into the character, then romance the best out of them. If you were unhappy with their performance, tell them it wasn’t quite what you were looking for and try explaining the emotion you want in a different way.

*Don’t be biased even when you have special interest in a certain actor. I have been enriched by this naughty mistake while I was directing a feature film on campus fraternity. I would praise one actor for his awesome acting but would tell the others, “that was boring”. You want your entire cast to be strong, not just one or two. It’s in your best interest and the actors’ for you to give each of them praise and good direction; because after all it is their profession. Actors want to be as good as they possibly can.

*Don’t give false complement to an actor. If an actor’s performance is not what you were looking for, say it politely rather than telling the actor that its awesome. This is an issue for inexperienced directors. The problem is, when you do this, you’re actually killing the actor and your production. By telling them that the wrong performance was good, it gets burned into their memory of what a good performance is, which sets them up on the path of being called a “bad actor”. What you need to do is be honest with your actors, so that you will bring out the best in them and they will respect you for helping them become better at their craft.


Choosing the right actor for the right role, is one big issue in film making. Like I earlier explained, no actor is such a bad actor; there are certain roles that sometimes will not support the talent and creativity of a particular actor. I had this experience early this year when filming virtual silence. We had a character who was acting as police detective, but the actor was not right for the role. He had a hard time living in the character because he had never done anything like it and was used to being cast in a romantic role, not in a role where he had to act like a trained detective.

Make no mistake, the actor is a good actor, but he just was not right for the role. Some actors perform better when you cast them for certain roles. The point am trying to make here is that, as a director, find out the strengths that your actors have, and use it to your advantage and that of the actor as well.


This last point I will be writing on, I will gladly talk about a problem I have had in the course of working with actors who have spent a great deal of their time, acting for theatre. Theatre actors are taught to never have their backs to the audience when speaking, and to move and breath a certain way in order to project their voices to the audience. Unfortunately, you will have to work on a stage actor before such actor can start acting for the screen.

The first thing you should do is make sure the actors are not conscious of the camera, and that they move naturally, instead of moving with an axis of their body towards a certain point (as stage actors do a lot). Get the actors in the habit of pretending the camera isn’t there, and acting as though they would if the events in the scene were really happening to them.

The second thing to work on is voice projection. A few of the actors I have worked with were so used to acting on stage that when they render their lines, they boomed their voices and overacted a tad bit. This can be fixed simply by saying lines to the actor in the volume that would be good for you, to give them an example. Also, it helps to instruct the actors to speak naturally, instead of trying to project their voices. You don’t ideally want to have actors projecting for film because you already have microphones catching the audio clearly.

This is just a clue from my little experience as a director. With this, actors may no longer feel frustrated when working with you. They will understand the job better and appreciate you for making them better actors. If any actor under your tutelage quits, it means you are failing in your responsibilities as a director.

Thank you!

From: AMA Crew
Absolute Movie Academy

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TIPS FOR THE NEXT GENERATION NOLLYWOOD DIRECTORS…. its a must read, if ur an aspiring director….


I understand that I am not a famous Nollywood director like Andy Nwakalor. Frank Raj, Theodore Anyaji and a host of them, but that does not stop me from learning what they probably never thought was relevant. For at least once in the career of every great director, he or she must have worked with experienced and successful star actors who knew more about acting than the director knew about directing, except for the pioneer filmmakers. Feeling uncomfortable or inadequate as a director, when working with star actors like Jim Iyke, Genevieve. Nnaji, Astus Frank, Majid Michel…that know the craft of filmmaking more than you do, is an embarrassing secret most upcoming directors never want to admit to.

Some inexperienced Nollywood directors, are much more comfortable “directing with the camera” than working intimately with actor’s performances. Many upcoming directors are crazy about casting reputable star actors in their films, but when it comes to directing, they end up leaving these star actors to their own devices on how to interpret the character by telling the story that propels the drama. I have watched some movies — full of stars, great costume, pulsing soundtracks, kinetic camera movement and frantically paced editing. And when the moments to express true human emotion comes, the film often falls flat because the great performance just isn’t there. The truly great directors excel at directing actors and directing the camera as well.

Now you see my point!

So what’s the root cause of this mess?

The literal fact here is that, most directors just emanated from nowhere, picked up a script, got sponsors from their friends and family, hired star actors, got a location and began shooting. If you have been to locations in Asaba, you will understand better, what am talking about. Accomplished filmmaking requires proficiency with many other artistic disciplines: writing, acting, design, music, etc. And many filmmakers don’t have any of that past experience. The average filmmaker starts with a camera, editing software, and their friends as actors. Don’t get it twisted here, there is nothing wrong with this approach, except that, it has made it a deadlock for filmmakers to graduate to working with experienced or professional actors.

It makes sense to understand the language of actors:

Working with your friends as actors, is a very sexy thing. You know why? You can order them around, tell them any shit and get away with it, because they possibly know less about acting than you do about directing. But, think about this; it can be very intimidating working with “real actors” who understand the art, because when they start asking difficult questions using the jargon of their discipline: like,

what’s my character’s spine?
What is my through-line?
What is my super objective?
What is my scene intention?

It will begin to sound like a foreign language to you, making the “MUMU” in you become so pronounce. If you as a director doesn’t understand these terms, what are you going to tell the actor. Although “what’s my motivation” sounds like actor best slangs, but professionally it’s not. Trained actors literally need this information to create a competent performance. If you can’t give them this information in a language they understand, they may start to bullshit you. They may still try to listen to you, but they’ll make up their own answers and start to direct themselves. That’s embarrassing enough.

One advice for such an Asaba Director:

Take an acting class

One of the practical solutions to becoming a better director is to take an acting class. Take at least one year acting class! I know, you’re not an actor and the idea may make you very uncomfortable, and that’s the reason you are working behind the camera. I say get over it! It’s not going to kill you, although your ego might feel like it’s dying! But if you have the courage to try it, I guarantee you will learn something as a filmmaker and also have a personal growth experience. Think about it honestly; how can you possibly learn how to direct actors with expertise without ever walking at least “a mile in their shoes?”

Take this for example:

Look at other aspect of creative activities like athletic: How many great basketball coaches have never played the game? How many great baseball coaches have never pitched a ball? I understand that there are exceptions, but if you think that you are one of them, it’s probably your fear causing you to rationalize. If you want to be a great director with excellent rapport with actors, you have to understand what it takes to act. How can you ask an actor to do something emotionally difficult that makes them incredibly vulnerable, like having a french kiss half nude? How can you guide them when they are not doing it right, if you don’t understand the techniques? You will only end up knowing, that the actors are not doing it right, but it’s going to be a shame that you cannot show them how to do it.

Now get this clear:

I am not saying that you should commit your total self to becoming an actor. You just need to commit to the experience. You have to be bold enough to open yourself up to the experience and move past all of the awkwardness and embarrassment that comes from acting in front of others. This makes you become a better director. I attended acting class under the tutelage of Sadisu Mohammed in 2004, so I understand what my actors are going through each time I expect them to interpret certain character. And if they can’t do it, I sure will show them how to do it.

Finally, in other not to have more of the Asaba directors in the next generation, upcoming directors in Nollywood should take note of these points. Nollywood has come of age. Thank you!

From: AMA Crew
Absolute Movie Academy

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Upcoming Actors….this is for you


Before I roll the tape, let me throw a light on what ‘character motivation’ is all about, so that some of you don’t get fact twisted in the course of reading this article.

A character’s motivation is something that propels inside of you; your personality. Have you ever wondered what makes people behave the way they do?

In a movie, character motivation is concerned with explaining why the characters act in the way they do: for example, James(Habib) hates Amos(Emmy P) in the movie; ‘THE MACABRE’, Why does he hate him? Reason – as written by Lord CB Josef in the script is that, at some time in the beginning of the movie, he had a notion that Amos was going to snatch is girl. This hatred became worse when his fears finally came to reality.

In life we all have something that keep us going. Like real life, a movie is make believe; if an actor must keep his audience at the edge of the cinema seat, then he or she must understand the personality of the character he or he is playing before going on set. For goodness sake, there is nothing wrong with investigating your character trait. The actions and dialogue of your character is based on his motivation. I’m sure if you’ve read my other articles on acting, you must have come across several statements discussing the importance of uncovering your character’s motivation; however, when you’re acting in a dramatic film or stage play, discovering this motivation is key to creating a realistic and captivating performance. If you are curious about finding out your character’s motivation, then continue reading.


This is one of the most reasonable questions you should ask yourself when you’re acting in a film. Why is your character here or there? Why is your character speaking? Why does he say what he says? As an actor, this big WHY can go a long way in helping you discover your character motivation. One more thing I want you to understand before closing this paragraph is this; your motivation as an actor cannot be fixed throughout the movie; it changes based on circumstance.


Throughout our daily lives, our motivation is continually changing based on our current circumstances. For example, my original motivation was to become an actor, however, in the process I realized that I could write better than I could act. Then, my motivation switched gears to screenwriting. Along the line of my momentary motivation, I realized again, that being a writer only makes me a better director. Then my final motivation switched gears to directing. The same is true within any dramatic scene. As the story arch changes, the motivation for your character also changes. One of the biggest mistakes you as a dramatic actor can make is keep the same motivation throughout an entire scene. Even if your primary motivation stays the same, each line of dialogue can have momentary motivation. For example, the primary motivation of a scene is to convince a JAMBITE in joining your campus fraternity. However, throughout this dialogue , you make conscious effort to make him see the benefit of joining the fraternity. After convincing him successfully, your motivation will then change to isolating him from the larger society for security reasons. After achieving these, your motivation now shift to telling him the truth about the lies. Within this scenario, your motivation will change at least three times.

I strongly believe, that a true and believable performance comes from acknowledging the character’s motivation, but using this information wisely. If we performed every scene based on the primary motivation of a character, the scenes would be so high-strung and loud it wouldn’t be enjoyable. Rather, perform your scene with the motivation in the back of your mind and instead focus your character’s attention on the roadblocks and current situations. By not fully acting based on motivation, but rather allowing this motivation to act as a current in your acting stream, you can deliver a multi-dimensional performance

Thank you for reading this!

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